Fair Document is affiliated with the following Stanford organizations:

Stanford CodeX

CodeX is a multidisciplinary laboratory operated by Stanford University in association with affiliated organizations from industry, government, and academia. CodeX's primary mission is to explore ways in which information technology can be used to enhance the quality and efficiency of our legal system. Our goal is "legal technology" that empowers all parties in our legal system and not solely the legal profession. Jason Brewster is affiliated with the organization as a CodeX Fellow. Also supporting the organization on the CodeX team are:

Roland Vogl

Dr. Vogl is a scholar and media entrepreneur who, after nearly fifteen years of professional legal experience, has developed a strong expertise in innovation, intellectual property, and legal informatics. Currently, he is a lecturer, scholar, and Executive Director of CodeX as well as the Stanford Program in Law, Science and Technology (LST) at Stanford Law School. Dr. Vogl holds both a Dr.iur. (JSD) and a Mag.iur. (JD) from Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck, Austria as well as a JSM from Stanford Law School.

Robert H. Lee

Robert is an Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Stanford U - Angel Investor & Advisor, SV Accelerator - Innovation Advisor, Singularity U. Robert Lee is a Patent Lawyer with a JD/MBA UC Berkeley.

Stanford Motwani Labs

Motwani Labs is in its first year supported by StartX, Rajeeve Motwani Foundation and colleagues of the late Professor Rajeev Motwani. Motwani Labs pairs entrepreneurs with mentors to help entrepreneurs collaborate on transforming innovative ideas and technologies into successful enterprises. Motwani Labs is inspired by Rajeev Motwani, PhD CS Stanford whose research made fundamental contributions to many areas of computer science. He was an early advisor and support of companies including Google, PayPal and advisor to Sequoia Capital.

Sunita Parbhu

Sunita is the President of Medha Consulting Group, consultant to Adchemy, Inc and a marketing technology innovator. She works specifically to solve challenges in early-market positioning, communication and selling.

Carl Page

Carl is the co-founder of eGroups (sold to Yahoo) and developing ventures in technology and clean tech. He is focused on improving communication and features for early stage IT ventures.