FairDocument is a company dedicated to improving collaboration between clients and attorneys. Our tools and technology allow improved relationships and better outcomes for clients looking for lawyering at reasonable pricing. As a team we are driven to create a client oriented approach to law and legal representation.

Jason Brewster

Jason is CEO of Fair Document and responsible for the company's vision and product design. He is a fellow at Stanford's Center for Legal Informatics (CodeX) and a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Jason has considerable experience with consumer Websites, including the first weather.com site, National Geographic Magazine online presence, and Smithsonian Folklife and Folkways.

Quanqiu Wang

Quanqiu is CTO of Fair Document and Technologist responsible for IT architecture and engineering. He holds an MS, Computer Science, from Stanford University and an MS, Biophysics, from Peking University. Quanqiu has expertise in Java / Sharepoint, and semantic search, along with DeepQA and bio-informatics. Quanqiu is formerly CTO of MedSemantics Inc and Dynadx.

Justin Yarmark

Justin is COO of Fair Document and responsible for business strategy and sales. He is a serial entrepreneur and a Williams College graduate. Justin has expertise in financial services automation and SaaS sales. He was previously Co-Founder of Eziba (sold to Overstock) and a member of the US Ski Team.